Is Kim Kardashian the Campest of Them All?

As another Met Gala fades from memory, this annual event leaves observers with as many questions as ephemeral memes. Can riches not save a person from sartorial ineptitude? Why do we care about the wardrobe choices of the wealthy? Does Kim Kardashian understand the concept of a theme?

Brut Force: How Concrete Made a Comeback

Loved and loathed with equal intensity by opposing harbingers of taste, Brutalism is one of architecture’s most controversial styles. Its unpretentious aesthetic – characterised by bold columns and shapes, rough textures and a domineering scale – heralded a new visual vocabulary for a post-war era.

Does Couture Matter?

Amidst the chaos of Brexit and the misery inflicted by austerity, it might seem frivolous to glance wistfully across the pond when Paris Couture Fashion Week rolls around. The decadent parades of tulle, silk and intricately crafted clothing make for fanciful distractions from news stories of malfunctioning governments, as journalists and fashion writers descend on the French capital for a week of opulence.